Racalia Organic Olive Oil

Racalia Organic Olive Oil 2016 is “certified organic” – in other words we have been given the right to call our olive oil organic and to add the word ORGANIC to the label.

In the UK the Soil Association is the main official organisation which controls the use of the word ORGANIC. As its website says:

Soil Association Certification is our independent certification body. It carries out inspections and awards organic certification to farms and businesses that meet our standards. You will notice our symbol and certification number (GB-ORG-05) on many items of organic produce. Our certification business is the UK’s oldest and most experienced and licenses over 70% of the organic food on sale here

The rules about ORGANIC are the same throughout the EU, and as Racalia Organic Olive Oil is produced in Italy, we come under CCPB an Italian organisation like the Soil Association which carries out the same inspections in Italy as the Soil Association does in the UK. CCPB is based in Bologna and its agents in Sicily inspect our farm regularly to ensure that we are only using sprays which are authorised for us to use and that we are complying with all the strict rules which apply to farms and products certified to use the word BIOLOGICO in Italian and ORGANIC in English. CCPB like the Soil Association has a logo which is now printed on our labels.

Since we planted our olive trees in 1999 and started producing Racalia Organic Olive Oil a few years later, we have been guided by several local Sicilian experts. One of the most important of these experts is Dott. Nicola Titone whose TITONE olive oil has been certified biologico/organic for over 30 years and has won every possible prize for high quality olive oil. Dott. Titone has explained to us that being certified biologico/organic is not about the taste or quality of the product but it is about being passionate about the environment and about refusing to use pesticides or fertilizers or chemicals which can damage the soil and which can  remain there for hundreds of years.