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The olive oil expert, Charles Quest-Ritson’s report on our latest Organic Olive Oil says;

“Racalia's oil for 2017 represents another excellent harvest from this
well-run estate.”

Charles’ full report of the Racalia Organic Olive Oil 2017 harvest is below.

Experts assess the quality of an oil in three ways. First, it is submitted to technical analysis, which Racalia 2017 passes with flying colours; the indices for low acidity and peroxides are especially impressive.

Then the oil is sampled to establish whether it is affected by any defects such as wineyness or mustiness and here, too, Racalia triumphs - it is clear that the cultivation and processing of the olives are both of the highest order.

Finally, the oil is tried for three qualities - fruitiness, bitterness and pepperiness (sometimes called piquancy). It is important that these should each be present in the oil, but well-balanced, with fruitiness as the defining one of the three.

The fruitiness of Racalia's 2017 oil is apparent right from the start. It is delightful on the nose, with suggestions of cut grass, herbs and tomato leaves but, above all, a buoyancy and freshness that always promise well. That freshness is carried through when the oil is tasted and its cool, fresh quality is then immediately apparent.

This fruitiness is characteristic of oils from western Sicily - a complex fruitiness that is more 'veggie' than 'fruity' and lasts well in the mouth, with hints of thyme, oregano and sorrel on the palate.

The pleasant bitterness and lingering peppery after-taste are also very harmonious and last a long time on the tongue - another sign of quality.

I should add that, in my opinion, western Sicily makes the world's best olive oil. This is partly because of it long tradition of producing a quality product but more perhaps because the olive varieties indigenous to the area - Biancolilla, Cerasuola and Nocellara del Bélice - each make exceptional oil and are at their best when combined to create a more complex flavour.  And Racalia's 2017 oil has been assessed by a panel of qualified tasters in Sicily and awarded a score of 8½ out of ten. This is very high mark and a recognition of quality that I endorse completely.