New Season's Racalia Organic Olive Oil is now available

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The olive oil expert, Charles Quest-Ritson’s report on our latest Organic Olive Oil says;

“Racalia Organic Olive Oil scores high marks for its 2018 harvest”

Charles’ full report of the Racalia Organic Olive Oil 2017 harvest is below.

2018 was a very difficult year for olive-growers in Sicily. The summer heatwave that affected much of Europe was especially fierce on the island and was followed by excessive rain, strong winds and hailstorms. To have made any oil at all is a considerable achievement, but to make one of this quality is quite remarkable.

The decision to harvest the olives earlier than usual was the right one. Had they been left on the trees until the usual time for picking, the oil would have been dull and flat. As it is, Racalía has produced a high-quality product that is up with the best of recent years. The oil is unfiltered, mid-gold in colour (with a tinge of green), and of fluid texture - it pours freely.

The first thing you notice is a pleasing smell of tomato leaves, apples and raisins. The taste of an olive oil, however, is described in terms of its fruitiness, pepperiness or piquancy, and bitterness. Each is considered a desirable quality in its own right but the three of them should be present in the right balance, so that they complement each other - which Racalía's 2018 oil does very well. Its taste is medium-fruity, its pepperiness not over-pronounced and the bitterness appears as a light but agreeable aftertaste right at the end.

The individual flavours present in an oil are more complex than the word 'fruity' would suggest and they give an oil its distinctive character. Racalía's 2018 oil is initially cool and fresh on the tongue. I detect hints of dried fruit, sweet almonds, apples and lettuce in its taste. It is softer than usual, with even a hint of sweetness - in short, delicious.

One of the qualities we look for in an oil is 'length' - the longer the sequence of tastes and sensations lasts on the tongue the better. And here, too, Racalía scores high marks for its 2018 oil. The analysis by the professional panel of oil-tasters in Marsala awards it 8 points out of 10. This is a high mark and can only be awarded to a very good oil.